Commonly asked questions. Reach out with a DM if you have others

What is Magic Eden Pre-Sales?

An easy, secure & powerful NFT Pre-sales tool for Creators, fully integrated into Creator Hub. The platform is powered by Helio, the leading Web3 payments platform.
The platform is fully self-serve. Creators launch pre-sales offerings via ‘Pay-Links’, mini storefronts that can be spun up in a few clicks and are fully customized with powerful features such as Allowlisting, Discord gating, Qty limits, Discounts and more…

Which blockchains are supported

Magic Eden Pre-Sales is a multi-chain experience with support for Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin & Polygon, with BTC support coming very soon, followed by other chains such as BNB, Arbitrum and more

How much does it cost?

The fees are the same as Helio. There are NO set up costs and creators simply pay a standard fee of 2% per transaction and you can reduce it to 1% by holding 2x HelioX passes. Learn more about Helio fees here.

Is Magic Eden Pre-Sales a custodial platform?

No, it's a decentralised solution and our technology simply allows Creators to accept payments via a blockchain. All transactions are direct, peer-to-peer payments from the buyer to the merchant. We never take custody of buyer funds and merchants receive payments instantly in their wallet.

What are common support questions?

1. I'm trying to log in on mobile (Safari browser) or Brave browser and see the following error?

Unable to link
Wallets that have been connected to Helio directly before can NOT be linked to Magic Eden Pre-Sales. This “Chinese wall” is important to make sure that creators always have to authenticate via the Magic Eden creators hub and don’t mix up transaction data. The good news is that creators can simply link a new wallet to continue.

3. I’ve been logged out of the Pre-Sales dashboard. Help please?

The session for the Pre-Sales dashboard is 30 minutes for security reasons. We’ll throw a session expired page with an easy button. The creator can simply navigate back to creators hub and click “create a presale”.
If you're logged out of the Creator Hub entirely you'll be prompted to log back in with your email.

3. I'm trying to log i